Thursday, August 07, 2008

The things he's been saying

Kiernan amazes me daily with the new things he's constantly saying - here are a few words and conversations that have stood out recently

* He likes to use the name of who he's talking to at the end of each sentence. "what's that over there mummy?" "go downstairs daddy" "go in the car mummy and daddy" but as he gets more excited words start to blend together and/or he's not paying attention as to who he's talking to and this starts to happen "go on the slide mumdy?" or my ultimate favourite "go on the slide dummy?"

*He gets in, out, under, etc pretty well. "Oh! A zebra in the 'puter!" "Oh! bubbles in the 'puter!" "Oh! My slide in the backyard" (he's always excited by what he sees like when we were driving in montreal and he exclaimed for at least 20 houses in a row. "Oh! another big house!"

* Conversation while changing a dirty diaper:
Me: Where do big boys go poo Kiernan?
Kiernan: In da potty
Me: Where does Kiernan go poo?
Me: Is Kiernan a big boy?
Kiernan: Nope
Me: boo

* He's picked up on the fact that we quiz him everywhere we go so he's taken on both roles
"What's that? a flower. What's that? a puzzle? Who's that? grandpapa. Who's that? mommy" Less work for us :)

* He's really getting possessives and it's so cute. We get a lot of "My do it" and "my go outside"
or "No! Kiernan's 'puter!" (which, um, no. get away from my 'puter child. ;)


Roz said...

hahahaha too funny!

nottryingforaboy said...

The self-quizzing is too cute!

Anonymous said...

Cute AND smart, what agreat combination!

Grandpapa said...

Hmmm... so that's why Kiernan denied being a big boy the other day when I praised him for something.

crazy working mom said...

He IS a big boy, momma!