Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas cards

I feel like this is really bitchy of me to feel, but,

If you aren't going to bother signing more than "love so and so" to a generic Xmas card - why do you bother sending them? It doesn't make me feel thought of or loved by you. It makes me think that you went through your address book and thought "ya, I guess they ought to get one".

I don't think that's really the sentiment. "Sure, we like them." Either write me a personal little note to at least show me you know who you were sending the card to or don't bother.

There are, however, exceptions. If you are sending me a photo of you, your family, or your kids, I am fine with a simple "love us". I like to have photos. I put them on my fridge until they're a bit too old and then I put them in a scrapbook and keep them forever. Another thing I like are Xmas newsletters.... send me a generic newsletter telling me what happened in the last year. Don't have time to do that? I TOTALLY understand. Do like me and hope the people you like and love know you like and love them and don't need me to waste paper, stamps and time sending them meaningless cards that will doubtless end up cluttering their mantle until it goes in the recycling bin.

Signed a grinchy feeling me.


erin said...

I totally understand.

However, I make the cards that I give out at the office. After all that effort, I am disinclined to also come up with personalized messages.

I tend not to send out cards to friends anymore. It's hard to find the time to really personalize them; and I agree with you, Lara, that a cookie cutter card with a cookie cutter signature is not really heartfelt enough.

Some kind of Wondermom said...

I guess I'd better write you a new card with more than just Love The B. Family in it. ;)

Lindsay said...

Remind me not to give you your card...I wouldn't want to clutter up your mantle or recycling box :)
I love getting Christmas cards, whether they've got a personal message in them or not. E-cards and holiday greetings on facebook walls are pathetic, however.

Roz said...

i TOTALLY agree.

I get cards from my SIL that is simply signed with their names - AND their LAST name - like i don't know who they are!!

I mean i pretty much put the same note on everyone's card, but i do put a note and for people i talk to on a regular basis, it's pretty customized lol!

Lara said...

I just feel like people send them because they feel obligated when it's signed like that, not that they really wanted to. Am I wrong??
My favourite card this year was addressed to Mr & Mrs Eric Wellman and son. Apparently they couldn't remember my name or Kiernan's name ;)

Anonymous said...

I love Xmas cards, regardless of the message in them. I think we're too much of an electronic society so receiving mail that isn't a bill totally makes my day - even if it is generic signature and headed for the blue box.

I also like to see what patterns on the cards people pick out - says something about their personality I think ;o)


Anonymous said...

I have never even thought about it that way... Now I'm going to have to look at the few holiday cards I've received to see if they are personalized or not. We did get a beautiful christmas card from friends of our who have a new addition to the family and they took a really nice family card in front of the christmas tree and inside they wrote this long, beautiful, personalized message. Hmmmmm.

crazy working mom said...

Well, what you are saying might sound a bit bitchy, but I have to admit that I've thought the same thing!

I do photo cards, but before the computer age when I sent regular cards, I always wrote a message inside. It's disappointing to see a plain card with just signatures. But, with that being said I do proudly display each and every one.