Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Christmas Traditions Meme

I saw this on Postcards from the Mothership and felt inspired to participate!

1. Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?

Christmas morning. Although I liked the idea of one gift on Christmas Eve and the idea of Christmas PJs so much that we now do one gift - of PJs, on Christmas eve :)

2. Donner or Donder?


3. Turkey or ham?

Turkey with my family, and you just never know what we'll have with my husband's family :) It's always yummy though.

4. Gifts opened all at once, or one at a time?

I am firmly a one at a time girl. Whenever I am in a situation where everyone is opening at one I can't figure out where to look, what's been opened, who should be doing what and it's always very confusing to me. But I'm trying to get used to it ;)

5. Christmas tree: live or artificial?

We always had an artificial tree growing up and I was fine with that. I had a few years with real trees because roommates insisted, but I'm happily back to an artificial tree now. And now that we have one we REALLY like, I know that every year the tree will look fabulous and not having to worry about finding the right sized one, or one that is full enough, or, one that falls down in the night.

6. Cards: boxed cards, family photo cards, or e-cards?

I already ranted about cards once this year. I only send out cards if I have a photo to send. Otherwise, I just don't really get the point...

7. Christmas lights: incandescent or LED?

We just have the lights that came with the tree and I don't think they're LED. If/when we eventually get lights for outside, we'll get LED.

8. Re-gift or not?

I would, but I don't find I generally have the need.

9. Gift wrap or gift bags?

I find wrapping paper such a waste but I agree with many who say kids enjoy the ripping. So for now we're doing a bit of both, and I made some cloth Xmas bags that should last for years. I also stopped buying wrapping paper (I used to go crazy after christmas but have stopped) so I'm hoping that once I run out I'll have switched over to primarily the bags...

10. Best Christmas song?

I don't know... but I love Christmas music

11. Best Christmas movie?

Sound of music probably doesn't count eh? I can't really think of Christmas movies I love, but I feel like I often watched Sound of Music on tv on Christmas day.

12. Favourite family tradition?

I'm loving growing more and more traditions. We're doing yearly photos with Santa, and Xmas pjs so far. I'm hoping we'll have many more!

Okay, your turn. Do play along!!

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crazy working mom said...

Just wanted to drop in and say Happy New Year to you and yours. I hope that 2009 is filled with many wonderful memories for you and yours.