Friday, December 12, 2008

Santa - year 3

I was so sad because every time I walked by the Santa display (and I work at the mall so I do a fair amount) I never ever saw our favourite Santa. How thrilled was I when I finally took K for his photo when he was there! And Kiernan smiled! None of this looking crazy freaked out ;)

What a gorgeous kid we have!

(I took a photo of the photo again this year ;)

You know what I've been kind of obsessively worrying about? Next year, do I get one photo with each child? Do we do a group photo? Is it unfair for Kiernan to have gotten all these photos on his own and not have the twins get that too? Is 4 separate photos excessive? I think it is, but does that mean I shouldn't do it? So many decisions to make before next year! :)


Erin said...

That IS a lot to think about.

Lida said...

Look how he's grown this past year!