Wednesday, March 04, 2009

27 Weeks with twins

I can't believe I'm already 27 weeks pregnant. Much in the same way that I feel "it's only been 27 weeks?!" ;)

- On average, a woman pregnant with twins has reached the size of a full term pregnancy with just one baby at 28 weeks. That's next week! I was measuring 34 weeks pregnant last week so I'm relatively on track.
- I don't feel as huge as I did at the end of my last pregnancy - but I've gained a lot less extra weight. I do feel as tired and uncomfortable though. I ache and I have a hard time moving.
- If I do more than sit on my couch all day, I'm wiped. The more I'm up, the crampier and achier I am in the evening. So I feel like a lame-ass because I feel like I should never get up off the couch.
- One of the things I was worried about with twins was that I wouldn't be able to know if they were both ok. My doctor said a lot of women know which one is which. I do sometimes, but I often don't! And so I worry a lot and get paranoid that I haven't felt one or the other of them for too long.
- I have an ultrasound tomorrow and I'm REALLY looking forward to finding out how big they are and what positions they're in.
- The bigger I get, the more Kiernan thinks my lap is the greatest place on earth to sit.
- I think Kiernan is going to be a fantastic big brother. He hugs and kisses the babies daily and also has randomly started coming up to me and asking me if the babies are happy. He sings them songs and talks to them. It's all very sweet. He also likes to tell us that when the babies come out, they're going to cry a lot. I'm not sure who told him this, but we're not contradicting him :)


Anonymous said...

That last part about the babies crying a lot is hilarious.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

You just gave me flashbacks.

Most of the time I knew who was moving, but when it was towards the middle I didn't always know who the limb belonged to.

I absolutely cannot imagine trying to be pregnant with twins and already having a baby.

Hang in there! You seem to have a great attitude.