Monday, March 23, 2009

Email to WeedMan Ottawa

We got a call from Weedman tonight that was so horrible I felt inclined to write an email to the company so they were aware of the kinds of people they had representing them. The email bounced back saying their email box was full. Possibly too full of complaints for them to ignore? Since my email bounced back I figured I may as well post the email here instead.

As I stated below, we had no serious issues with them when they were servicing our lawn (although upon research tonight we've found that MANY MANY MANY people HAVE had issues and they have an F rating with the better business bureau) but their relentless telemarketing practices are horrifying. The guy was so awful ERIC was yelling at him!

So ya, if you get lawncare, don't go with them. They suck!

To whom it may concern,

We used your services last year and although we were very pleased with the service decided not to have any lawn care services this coming year. Our decision was not based on the level of service, quality of your products or anything other than our personal choice. We felt no ill will towards Weed Man and felt perfectly inclined to sign up with you again in the future should we feel the need - possibly once we have moved to a bigger property.

Unfortunately our feelings towards your company have been declining significantly since then due to the telemarketing calls we've been receiving. We feel a call (perhaps even a couple) to see if we are interested in your services again in the future are fine, however, we expressed that we weren't interested and would like to be removed from the calling list on several occasions (on top of many more times we said we simply weren't interested without asking to be removed from the list). The calls have continued to come as often as every other week since the Fall, regardless of our requests for them to stop.

The last straw fell tonight with a telemarketer for your company that was so incredibly rude and persistent that not only do we feel compelled to let you (and everyone we know) how horrible it was, but feel so angry at your company that should we need lawn care service again we would choose to go with an entirely different company! This caller said his name was Abe and ignored the fact that he was interrupting a busy time in the life of parents of young children, argued with us about our reasons for discontinuing service, talked over us when we try to get a word in edgewise and informed us that there were no supervisors above him that we could speak to.

I felt it important that you know that someone is representing you and your company so poorly to past and potential clients and also that I believe your telemarketing practices can cause more harm than good (as previously stated, a few calls spaced out over several months would have been perfectly acceptable).

I hope you take these comments into consideration with regards to your business practices and I would appreciate confirmation that we have in fact been removed from your list of numbers to call.


Some kind of Wondermom said...

Unbelievable. You should mail a letter to the company and send a copy to the Citizen!

Catherine said...

I thought it was just around Montreal. I get calls from them regularly and we have never used them. Thank goodness for call display. Hopefully you can get through to them.
btw. very nice letter.

shona said...

Well said! Hopefully someone there has the brains to listen.

michelle said...

That is crazy...I would do something about that!!

CrAzY Working Mom said...

I hope you sent a hard copy to them, the BBB, and the Attorney General.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I thought I am the only one having troubles with these people. They just keep calling!!! I do not feel good after talking to them, everytime. I do not like them at all. And I will not use their service again.

Anonymous said...

I just got a call tonight...very annoying, and this is just one of the many times they've done this. Too persistent up to the point of really getting turned off and irritated. They just don't get the message when people are no longer interested to avail of their services. These WEEDMEN must not just be on some kind of cheep WEED, but maybe even CRACK! I've had their services for 2 seasons adn their weed control product called SERRATOR DOES NOT WORK! I'm still out their pulling the weeds. I hope they realize too that their annoying practice of soliciting business is actually hurting their business and reputation. There are a lot of other lawncare services out there. They don't have a monopoly. If you have one in your area, go local.

Anonymous said...

Same experience: