Saturday, February 13, 2010

9 months old!

Somewhere around the 6 or 7 month mark I realized I no longer felt shocked that the babies hadn't JUST arrived. They've been around for a long time now - 9 months in fact. And they're doing so much!!


- scoots around on his bum. Not very fast, but he's starting to make his way across rooms.
- rolls across a room to get something
- pulls himself up to kneeling (mostly only on Kiernan's bed)
- is eating a lot better than at the beginning. He'll eat most anything as long as it's well pureed or puffs or cheerios or cookies.
- has his 2 bottom teeth only. His top teeth have seemingly been ON THE VERGE of coming through for about 5 months. I've lost hope. He will have 2 teeth only forever.
- thinks the world revolves around his older brother. He is delighted by him and Kiernan puts a lot of effort into getting Quinn giggling as often as possible. When I put Quinn on Kiernan's bed K performs in front of the bed and Quinn pulls himself up to kneeling on the bed rail to get a closer look. He flaps his arms and giggles incessantly in excitement.
- has slept through the night a few times. And by slept through the night, we're talking 7pm to 7:30 am!!
- Is wary of strangers. Or even people he knows if they aren't us. Takes him a good 10 minutes before he'll warm up and start being his jovial self.
- weighs 20 lbs. Just for comparison, I believe Kiernan was about 18 months old before he hit 20 lbs ;)

- army crawls all over the place and gets at anything you didn't move out of the way. What's that WAYYY over there, a tiny piece of plastic from god know's what? Don't worry - Juliette will find it and EAT IT!
- is an amazing eater. Inspired by some other bloggers who use baby led weaning as a way to feed their kids I decided to try to let the babies try their hands at some big hunks of food. Quinn was disgusted. Juliette went to town. Yesterday she ate an entire avocado and two huge hunks of potato from my stew on top of some big hunks of carrot and sweet potato I'd made her. After two picky eaters, she amazes me.
- is cutting her SEVENTH tooth. Perhaps she stole all of Quinn's teeth.
- Weighs about 16.5 lbs.
- Has slept through the night a few times.
- Is still the smiliest baby ever. She is uber social and will grin from ear to ear at anyone who smiles at her.
- Wants to stand all the time. If you try to sit her down she'll often plank her body and what she wants is for you to sit on the floor and hold her upright. It wouldn't shock me if she started furniture walking soon. Kiernan started doing that around this age and took his first independent steps at 10 months.

They are both very easy babies. They don't fuss a lot, they take naps and they have great dispositions. And I am enjoying them more and more... especially as I'm getting more sleep and settling into the new house :)

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NavyBride said...

My daughter is 10 1/2 months and got her 2 bottom teeth (at the same time...argh!) right before she turned 6 months. Then NOTHING until this past week, and now the two top teeth are coming in together. I, too, thought I would be sending her to college with two teeth.