Thursday, February 11, 2010

I'm an adult now

I often wonder when it will kick in.... this "I'm an adult and should act like one" thing.

There are a lot of things I've kept thinking I would start to do, once I had a home of my own, once I was married, once I was a parent. And a lot of them still haven't happened.

My house is a mess. I would rather sit and blog, or read blogs, or watch tv than tidy up the house at the end of the day. I kick dangerous stuff out of my kids' way instead of making sure it wasn't there in the first place. Dishes pile up in the sink for days. Having clear counters in my kitchen must mean company is coming over. Most of the couch is covered in stuff... from clean laundry, to dirty laundry, to kleenex boxes, to mail, and well.... my computer.

And I want to be better about it... but I have such a hard time finding the will. But I vowed I would be better in our new house. And tonight was a success. After dinner I washed all the dishes, put away all the tools, ingredients, etc and put the leftovers away before doing anything else in the evening. And it's kind of sad that I felt pretty proud for what ought to be a routine task. But I was. And it gives me a little hope that eventually we will get there and set a relatively good example for our kids. Or at least sort of. :)

(do you remember that Pursuit of Happiness song? :)


zoom said...

Same here, and I can't even blame it on having three babies. It's just that the world is full of so many things that are more interesting than housework. Hell, my HOUSE is full of so man things that are more interesting than housework!

Some kind of Wondermom said...

You may be an adult now, but don't stop being a kid!!! Your kids will love that in you.

I think it's possible that the reason why it's so hard to get motivated to do 'routine' tasks is because we were spoiled and our parents did them all for us... Are we sitting here waiting for them to come do our dishes and clean our bathrooms? ;)

Capital Mom said...

Um, don't you have 3 kids, including twins! I think you are doing pretty good!! :)
I think the fact that you think about cleaning makes you an adult, even if you don't do it. Because you know our kids aren't thinking about it.

Lynn said...

Word and word. Some days I look around my house and think, my mother's house never looked like this. I'll be 40 this year and it's making me feel like I should have my life under such better control than I do.

Ah well, at least I'm making time for Survivor. That's important, right? :)

Christy said...

I can TOTALLY relate to this!

I don't know what else to say because I feel exactly the same way. Just so you know, you're not alone :)

Jenn said...

All I can say is I'm glad I'm not alone!