Friday, February 26, 2010

House update: the playroom

When I was pregnant with the twins I read a lot of twin blogs, advice articles, discussion groups, etc etc to try and learn about what to expect. One thing I read and heard in multiple places was to have a dedicated room where you could safely leave the babies. And it wasn't an option because our last house has no extra room that could be used for such a purpose - unless it was the basement and I certainly didn't want to spend the whole day in the basement every day.

But our new house. Our big house with lots of room to grow into? It has a nice big living room. And we don't have any living room furniture. So we set up the family room, and it has quickly deteriorated into the same chaos/mess/comfortable room we're used to. And with the living room.... we did this:

The area behind the playroom has a couple of IKEA chairs and a table I want to set up with crayons and activity books. And I am LOVING this room. We've had our first ever playdates since it's been set up and it's so nice to have a big room to let all the kids hang out in!

Wanna come over and play? :)


Capital Mom said...

Looking good! I think my kids could tear that place up.

Jenn said...

Yes, as a matter of fact I do! Bit of a drive though!

Catherine said...

I'd love to visit! You have lucky kids to have a great playroom like that.

JennyB said...

um, when can we come over? Just name the date & time and we'll be there!

Lindsey said...

Next time I'm in Ottawa (potentially May long weekend) I'm coming over to play! =D