Saturday, August 14, 2010

15 months old

The babies are 15 months old and man oh man are they a lot of work!!

Kiernan was in daycare by the time he was a year so I'm not used to running after a 15 month old 7 days a week, let alone 2. And THESE 15 month olds - GET INTO EVERYTHING!

If you have any advice on how to get them to stop climbing, throwing, opening, touching EVERYTHING, let me know. We still have them in the jumperoo and exersaucer (when they'll let us) just to have a break from them touching EVERYTHING constantly. The playroom is a godsend but they only want to be in there so much. yanno?

I think I'm going to sign them up for Gymboree in September and have LOTS and LOTS of activities planned. Also, slowly friends are threatening to go back to work. Not cool friends, not cool ;)

As for what they're doing


- Saying most "hi" "up" "tata" "dada" and "lala" (or la-ya) Lala is me. I think that may be a post in and of itself. And we think he's starting to say Juliette.
- Starting to walk. He walked across the room the other day, so he can do it. But he is still
choosing to crawl most of the time- often like a bear with his bum up in the air.
- Still super huggy. He comes up to you and simply lays his head on your lap for a cuddle. Or hangs on with so much might you could drown in those hugs. They are awesome.


- Saying "hi" "bye bye" "mommy" "night night" "no" or rather "NO NO NO NO NO NO NO"
- brings books (but doesn't want to read them)
- has started to request nursing more and more by dragging a pillow to me. This is very cute the first few times but starting to get frustrating as I'm pretty sure a 15 month old doesn't need to nurse all day.

They both
- climb. oh they climb. We've had to rescue them from perilous situations and I don't like it one bit. (That slide below? Q got up there before I noticed! He was so high I couldn't reach him from the ground. Thank god for six year old cousins who take their jobs of helping very seriously)
- they interact so sweetly together, waving hello when they see each other and hugging and kissing. They also smack each other over the head with toys, so, you know... it goes both ways.

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