Thursday, August 19, 2010

Frollicking in the rain...

Maybe when my mother in law told me it had been raining all afternoon in Renfrew
Or maybe when I walked out the door and hit a wall of humidity
Or maybe when I looked up at the sky and started to hear rumblings in the sky...
I would have thought I had picked the wrong time to go for a walk.

But I was determined! I was going to workout, I wasn't going to let silly excuses slow me down.

And workout I did - as I ran all the way home, in pants too big that needed to be tugged up every 30 seconds, with burning lungs, through a downpour with shrieking giggling twins in the stroller.

Good news: I can log a totally unintentional jog into this week's Losing it exercise regime!

Now I need a nap. And a pizza.