Tuesday, August 03, 2010

365 project - splash pads and fairs and splash pads

This summer has been packed full of fun outings, parks, museums, splash pads, fairs etc. I think this was potentially the best July I can remember having in.... well... a LONG time. Tell me these kids don't look like they get to have a lot of fun? :)

Day 56
Brothers in a tunnel... tunnel is part of the Kids in the Capital photo scavenger hunt :)
56: 365

Day 57
This past week we discovered Juliette's love of splash pads. We went three times in the last week - she adores it!
57 : 365

Day 58
Museum of Science and technology and Juliette and Quinn's first time in the the famous car.
58 : 365

Day 59
My lovely mother's helper, my summer's godsend, got a dslr for the 16th birthday. Lucky girl!
59 : 365

Day 60
Jumping on rocks at the park
60 : 365

Day 61
This old church is near Almonte and I have admired it for years. I love this photo - I think it's my favourite photo of the week and want to print it, frame it, and put it up somewhere in my house.

61:365 Auld Kirk

Day 62
Splash pad joy part 2
62: 365

Day 63
Ducks at the fair
63 : 365


A garden window in my husband's aunt's garden.
a beautiful view


My mother's helper :) Pretty girl!

Fair signs
Fair signs

Eric and Kiernan
E & K

Juliette at the splash pad for the 3rd time. In case you're wondering why she's always wearing full clothing - she still falls alot and the concrete seems safer with clothing than a bathing suit :)
Splash pad water