Sunday, August 01, 2010

A blog reading makeover!

Many many moons ago, when I first discovered the world of blogs I had a bookmark folder in my browser that opened all of my favourite blogs in one go if I asked it to. That's right, I actually visited every blog that I was a regular reader of to see if there were new posts - daily.

It's kind of hard to imagine reading blogs that way now, now that I've been a regular user of rss (bloglines is my choice) for quite a few years now. Except that my bloglines has gotten completely out of control. I open it, see that I have 7 million new blog posts to read and then see if there is anything showing in my "favourite" blogs and go visit them. More and more often I'm noticing that I'm just going to the blog posts that are coming out and grabbing me - through twitter or facebook.

Which makes me realize it's time for a blog reading makeover! So here's what I'm going to do :

1) Ask for your help:
I would really love your input:

- what do you use to read blogs? Bloglines? Google reader? Something else? Why? Maybe I need to try something new!

- Do you feel you know me from reading my blog? Would you recommend any blogs you think would be up my alley? Share the links!

2) Return the favour by telling you about a few of my favourite blogs.

I will preface this by saying that at the moment the blogs I read are almost exclusively those of people I've met in real life. The exception are blogs of moms with twins approximately the same age as mine - I seem to really need a personal connection with bloggers at the moment to really invest myself.

Here are a few of many (please don't feel bad if I left you out, I may simply have to do a couple editions of this ;)

Capital Mom - my partner in Kids in the Capital and a poetic blogger about her life with two young children. The good and the hard.

Life on the Roof - She was the first blog friend I met in real life but even before I met her I felt like I knew her. She's real and she's crafty and she's always welcome to come for a visit :)

Nonlinear Girl - She has boy/girl twins just a few weeks in age difference from mine so I love to read about how they're doing. But she is also a great writer and takes beautiful photos.

Some Kind of Wondermom - My Apples'n'Oranges partner, she writes about being a mom to two young children and all that that entails.

The View from Her(e) - a new in real life friend brought to me by the internets as well as the small world that is Ottawa. She just started a new blog and she shares my love of photography (not to mention takes beautiful photos!)

Go and visit them, and then tell me where you think I should go visiting! I can't wait!