Saturday, July 31, 2010

Blogher 2010 here I come!

Did you know I'm going to BlogHer?!!

I'm not sure why I've never mentioned it here, but with less than a week to go the excitement is really buzzing and I am over the moon with anticipation for this trip.

I know it gets tiresome for those of you who aren't going to hear all the pre-BlogHer, during BlogHer, post BlogHer goings on by everyone, but to you I say - COME NEXT YEAR!

I've been wanting to go to BlogHer since Kiernan was a baby and this year, with a few friends already going, I decided I wasn't going to hold back ANY MORE. And I think it was the perfect timing for me. I'm a little too shy to have been totally comfortable joining in to things all on my own amidst literally thousands of bloggers! Instead, with my little crew (you guys don't being called my crew do you?) I will have the confidence I need to delve right in (I think I'm going to be WAY less nervous doing this than I was on the photo walk - but we'll see :)

I'm excited about the sessions, I'm excited about the parties, I'm excited about meeting bloggers I've never met before, I'm excited to feel the buzz I know will be in the air and (gasp) I'm excited to see what kind of free stuff I get!

I will not be crushed if I don't get to meet my two blogger superstars - Jenny the Bloggess and Pioneer Woman. In fact, I've resigned myself to the fact that they are going to be totally and completely overwhelmed with people wanting to meet them anyways and I'll probably be so shy I'd be mortified by my behaviour so I'm going to try admire from afar.

I will not be crushed if I don't get invited to private parties - but I may try to find out how people got invites so I can get invited in the future.

I will not beat anyone down for swag. I will not be crushed if I don't get swag. If I come home with some cool free stuff - awesome!

I have super cute business cards to hand out thanks to Tiny Prints - I have a hard time believing I'll need 200 but I'm game to try to meet that many people!

I'm bringing my phone and likely my laptop, so I will be online (nobody will tell me I'm being online too much at a blogging conference right?) - at least on twitter.

And if you're going, message me - I want to meet up with you!

PS I am leaving my non-weaned babies. I waiver from totally confident to totally anxious about this. Fingers crossed it goes well because I want to go to Blissdom Canada :)