Thursday, July 15, 2010

365 project - who made the rules around here?

Of course, *I* made the rules, but there are some days I wish I was more flexible with them. But I'm not. I'm realizing that I am way more of a rule follower than I think I pretend to be. Or maybe I don't even pretend. I like to follow the rules. BORRRING ;)

Some days I have 5 photos I wish I could use, some days none. This makes me think I would really love to do the 1000 photo project Dani (who is doing some fabulous guest posting for the Canadian Family blog and doing giveaways for subscriptions to the magazine) is doing after this one. But I also think the 365 project is good at making sure you pick up your camera every day, so I'm sticking with it! I'm a whole 44 days in. That's like 12% done! :)

Day 36
She's been walking for about a month now and she still gets this look of sheer excitement when she really gets going... especially to a new place to explore!
36 : 365

Day 37
Blog out loud was so awesome. I really need to be less shy with my camera though. Although I like this photo, it's almost the only one I took. And I took it as unobtrusively as possible. Because obviously everyone was going to look at me like I was an alien if I was taking photos at the event right? When I was there with a photo book. Right. #getoveritLara
37 : 365

Day 38
The joys of playing with a hose.
38 : 365

Day 39
An outing to the airplane museum. Kiernan shown with the girl who has ensured I haven't moved into the attic or the shed or something equally coo coo because I would have LOST MY MIND with the crazies of this summer ;) If you can swing it, get a mother's helper, they are the best!
39 : 365

Day 40
At the Smiths Falls railway museum. (Post coming up this weekend on Kids in the Capital)
The textures of the old trains were fascinating. And it was quiet enough I didn't even feel self conscious lying on the ground in the parking lot taking photos ;)
40: 365

Day 41
The Cumberland museum is NOT WHAT I THOUGHT IT WAS!
So, in my head, the Cumberland museum was an old house with some period furniture. BOORRING.
But it's like a miniature Upper Canada Village (kind of wish I'd gone here instead last year with my 3 very young children!) and I can't wait to go back for more!
My camera battery died 15 minutes in. I almost cried.
41 : 365

Day 42
42 : 365

Day 43
This was the best photo I took this day. SAD. I apparently spent too much time playing around with my camera and getting things wrong because I had a lot of blurry and out of focus photos and .... this. Ah well, he's always cute no matter how boring the photo.
43 : 365

Day 44
This boy LOVES buttons, phones, gadgets, etc. And he can't be fooled with a toy or electronic that doesn't DO anything. I let him play with my iPhone, only because it thrills him every time the screen lights up and he can't unlock it. YET
44 : 365 Quinn and an iPhone


Quinn has changed in the last couple of weeks. He looks a lot older all of a sudden.
Quinn in his muscle shirt

More texture from the Smiths Falls railway museum
old train texture

Along the Queensway
Down by the queensway

More airplane museum - I often struggle between interesting photography as my choice of the day, and a photo that includes my kids and are part of the telling of the story of 365 days of my life.
Airplane museum

Things growing in my garden delight me beyond measure
Red peppers growing!