Saturday, July 10, 2010

Blogging out loud is... awesome

I heard about last year's Blog Out Loud event right after it happened. And I admit, my first thought was that it seemed kind of odd.

Blog posts aren't generally written to be read out loud and I imagined it would sound, well, kind of dull.

I was wrong.

Reading blog posts out loud is amazing. It gives the authors the opportunity to give life to their posts. When the author pauses for effect in the right places, adds excitement to the words with their tone of voice, changes voices for the characters they are speaking for, they give life to their posts.

I was impressed, I was entertained, and I had a great time!

Lynn did an amazing job of organizing this event. And obviously Ottawa needs events like this because the place was packed, and I know many people who'd wished they could have been there and couldn't.

I envision this event growing and growing (I'll be happy to help with anything Lynn! :) because the blogging community is big and strong and vibrant. And we love to get out and hang with other people who GET us.

I didn't have the nerve to read this year. A few people asked me why and I said I didn't think my blog was really the readable type. Especially since my posts are often so photo heavy. But people disagreed and so I went looking through my blog, and maybe there are a few posts that might have made the cut after all. Maybe next year. Although I think it'll just be all the more intimidating then! ;)

Thanks again Lynn, it was amazing to meet you! I also was thrilled to get to meet bloggers like Dani and Spydergrrl and Julie and Finola , Brenda and Krista. And to see some of the people I've met before and love to hang out with, even though I barely had the chance to say hi to many of them, like Amy, Amy, Brie, Shannon, Shannon, Chantal, Sara, Rebecca, Donna, Angela, Vicky Amanda and Christine. And people I saw but didn't get a chance to say hi to like Lana and Julie.
(ok, doing all those links took a long time and I'm positive I've forgotten people. Check them out - they're all great!)

If you weren't able to make it, here is a list of the posts that were read - all worth reading if you didn't have a chance to hear them :) I have a ton of new blogs I won't have time to read on my list and hope to get to see everyone at more events like these soon!