Monday, July 05, 2010

365 - another week

I've had a few more days this week where I didn't have a photo at the end of the day and was trying to figure out what to do. I've decided that on days like that I will try to take detail shots around the house. I'm going to also post a few photos that I really liked from the week but that I didn't choose as photo of the day. I often have an internal debate on whether to choose what I consider the best, the most beautiful, or the most meaningful photo for my daily photo.

Day 28
This dress was mine as a kid. Check out this photo to see the comparison of me in it too :)
28 : 365

Day 29
Me, I'm team Edward. And we got to see the movie the day BEFORE it came out. And it was awesome :) I took this photo with my iPhone.
30 : 365

Day 30
Stuck in rush hour I got a bunch of shots by just holding my camera up and shooting randomly. It was a weird day with beautiful sun and storm clouds. Turned out neat I think.
31 : 365

Day 31
Canada Day downtown. I think this photo has great texture.
32 : 365

Day 32
We've had such gorgeous days lately, and evening is always a beautiful time of day for photos. I took these on a drive to get the crazies in the car to calm down. We've had far too many of those days lately.
33 : 365

Day 33
A fabulous day at the cottage. This was on our way to show Kiernan the waterfall. I forgot how hot and muggy a waterfall is on an already hot day ;)
34: 365

Day 34
Random house detail shot :)
35 : 365

Day 35
There are still things growing in my garden. Fingers crossed something ends up being edible!
35 : 365

Extra shots

The waterfall near our cottage
july3 047

Juliette's face is priceless here
july1 013

lounging quinn

The book was very appropriate