Sunday, July 18, 2010

twin update - 14 months

I haven't blogged up an update about what the twins are up to in eons. In fact, I missed their first birthday which is practically unforgivable and in time I may go back and so that because, wow, that's a big one to skip. So instead I give you...

14 months, 1 week update!


- started walking at 13 months and is now running
- is starting to talk more and more. hi, mommy, and tata are still the main words but we're also starting to get no, bye bye, night night, ninnin (kiernan) and nin (quinn)
- she is getting violent and likes to hit with things a lot. This morning I heard a particularly distressed squawk from Quinn only to find Juliette POUNDING him over the head with a wooden puzzle
- she's a great eater
- she is sleeping through the night 90% of the time (7pm to 5-6am)
- she is a climber and is constantly trying to scale whatever she finds. I think I need to enroll her in gymboree or something.
- thinks that her big brother is the best person ever


- has no real desire to start walking, although, I do see that he is starting to want us to walk him around holding his hands.
- is saying hi, tata and dada. and possibly trying to say juliette with some jjjjj jjjjj jjjjj sounds
- obsessed with buttons and gets REALLY mad when you don't let him play with a remote, phone or cellphone. And whatever he is playing better well DO something, and not be a fake.
- he's always exploring and opening cupboards, drawers and taking off to see the sights whenever we let him out of the stroller at parks, museums, etc
- thinks his big brother is the most hilarious person ever
- is waking up most nights, but only once.
- likes trying to figure out things. He is always trying to figure out how toys work or how to put his seatbelt on.

This is pretty much what Juliette looks like to me most of the time.

Awww cute photo. Except he's trying to get down. So he can explore!!!

She is so brave in the water, shockingly, because she is the one who makes the most fuss about baths.

Check out what I found in these drawers!