Monday, July 26, 2010

365 update - passing my first big milestone

I made it past my first big milestone - 50! Only 315 more photos to go after that! ;) And I hit a bit of a funk around 50... feeling like some of my inspiration was gone. But then I went on the Worldwide photo walk and chatted with other photographers... and got some good ideas for how to find inspiration. So hopefully you'll see some new and different ideas in the coming weeks. "or not"

Day 45
This is one of my favourites of Juliette in quite awhile. A great smile and she was having the time of her life in Mieka's pool.

45 : 365 happy girl

Day 46
House detail. Anyone want to guess what/where? ;)
46: 365

Day 47
My birthday! I got a gorillapod which has been fun to play with and means I can be in some of the photos.
47 : 365 it's my birthday!

Day 48
A fellow photographer. I always like not being the only one with a camera.
48 : 365

Day 49
Another successful trip to the Aviation museum
49 : 365

Day 50
The fence at the Children's Garden on Main where we had a Kids in the Capital playdate last week.
50 : 365

Day 51
Another gorillapod shot. I bought a remote after this... although there was some fun involved here. I had the gorillapod attached to the play structure, would hit the button to start the timer, quickly slide down the slide and get into position :)
51 : 365

Day 52
I grew something in my garden. And I ate it! And it was delicious!!
52 : 365

Day 53
I bought a remote and was playing around with toys. I look tired. Or maybe it's eye look tired :)
53: 365

Day 54
This photo cracks me up!
54: 365

Day 55
Kiernan always has a blast with his cousins, and sunny days at the cottage with them are even better!
55: 365


Baby footprints

Baby footprints



Fun in the mud
Q & O

Some of my favourite shots from the Worldwide Photo Walk that I went on which was a lot of fun if a bit scary and intimidating ;)

Cobblestones - black and white

Baubbles for magpies

Lantern @ Great Canadian Cabin

Roys' Rubble