Sunday, July 11, 2010

The one where French made his head explode

We're sending Kiernan to French school this Fall. Not immersion but full on French school.

Kiernan speaks no French. He could count to 7 but that hardly seemed adequate for starting school in French. Being thrown into the deep end was essentially how I learned, but I had a bit more experience. French sitters, living in Quebec, etc... all gave me a BIT of a start.

So, to help him get ready we put him into a 5 week French school/camp. They only speak French to him and hopefully by the end of it he'll at least have enough comprehension to not feel completely lost when he starts FULL day school in September.

I was extremely nervous for him on his first day, but he did so well! And he never makes a fuss about not wanting to go, which really surprised me.

So far, he claims to have learned nothing, but I'm pretty sure there is a lot going on inside his head and it will soon turn itself into something we can actually see language wise.

For now, the biggest result of 5 day a week French camp seems to be.... a completely nutzoid Kiernan!

My tendency is to blame the fact that he has been so stimulated by everything that he's learning that his brain is just on constant overdrive. Overdrive as in his brain... and his mouth... NEVER stop working. It is stream of conscience verbal diarrhea. It is beyond irritating.

But not only that! He also has this excess of physical energy. He runs around like a chicken with it's head cut off and gets more and more excited until, I kid you not, he is literally bouncing off the walls! It is INSANITY!

Thank god my mother's helper is out of school for the summer and back on duty helping me with these three kids. She gives me breaks and she helps me wrangle all three of them when we go out. And go out we will because the bouncing off the walls inside the house? Not making me happy at all!

Last Thursday in an attempt to find some sanity we threw them all into the car and decided to check out the airplane museum (we have a membership that includes this museum so it was free)

The only other time I recall going to this museum I was about 7 months pregnant with the twins. I hated it. Fairly obviously because I was 7 months pregnant with twins and wouldn't haven't enjoyed any museum let alone one with nothing to do but walk from airplane to airplane.

With 3 young kids in tow and none in my body it was actually really awesome! We had a blast and were only there for just under an hour and already planning a return trip to explore some more. (probably Thursday or Friday if anyone wants to join us!)

Here are a few photos from our short visit!