Friday, October 01, 2010

I think I'm failing Kindergarden

I didn't know there was so much work involved in this Kindergarden/school thing - for the parents!

Every day Kiernan's bag comes home - with work for me. And... I wasn't really doing it all.

And then the teacher called me out with a note! Ok, it was a note to everyone reminding them what they need to do - I must not be the only one who was emptying all that those papers out of his folder every night? I wasn't the only one who didn't remember to label EVERY. SINGLE. clothing item before he went to school?

Sigh - totally dropped the ball on Terry Fox run (really? he's 4. It's the first month - I have to fundraise for him? :P) and we lost (and found) one coat so far. I need to remember to return library books, and to pack a healthy lunch every day (unless I bought him a hot lunch, then I need to remember NOT to pack him a lunch that day). They have pizza mondays - I got them for him sometimes, but not all of the time. Then the guilt sets in when he tells me everyone but him had pizza because they ran out. sigh. Really? EVERYONE in the class is having pizza EVERY week?!

There's the added stress that my written French isn't great and I ought to write the notes in French. I think I'm saying less than I would have to avoid figuring out how to say it. That's a FAIL for effort Lara!

It'll get easier right? By the time I have 3 in school, this will be old hat?? Ugh! Was starting school hard for you? Thank goodness Kiernan is transitioning well! :)