Saturday, October 16, 2010


Juliette has several favourite words. They include hi, maaeee (it was mommy at one point - she's gotten lazy), no and OW!

Most of the time, she uses OW incorrectly, or at least, very liberally.

We'll be driving along and we hit a pothole and I hear "OW!! OWW!"" from the backseat.

The stroller goes over a curb "OW!!"

Not really OW Juliette....

That being said she does use it correctly and very cutely a lot of the time. She bumps herself on something (no matter how lightly) and she clutches her injury and proclaims "ow! ow! ow!" the whole way over to me before leaning in for a kiss in the afflicted spot.

Or on her big head, or on her toe or on her hand....

"ow! ow! ow!"