Friday, October 08, 2010

Maybe I found a solution to keep them all safe!

My babies couldn't be more different. Passive, cuddly, sweet vs boisterous, independent and assertive.

She is significantly smaller than her brothers, but she never lets that stop her from believing she is the boss. And she is willing to do what it takes to ensure herself as alpha dog of the pack. She bites, she pinches, she pushes, she hits, she shoves.... and her two much larger brothers? They fall to the ground in tears, the picture of pitiful.

She will be my biggest challenge, this girl. She is also my comeuppance.

Thankfully she doles out the hugs and the kisses in good measure too - her brothers love and adore her.

But sometimes I think we might just want to keep seats like this inside for all the time. Much safer.