Monday, October 02, 2006

The bad days are very tiring

Kiernan had a bad spell this weekend. This may, or may not, have been done to him intentionally by me.
After a couple of really bad nights last weekend and after finding out that there is a family history of having an intolerance to cow milk protein I stopped having dairy for the entire week. Kiernan had pretty good nights all week following that. Then on Saturday night, to test that all of this wasn't just coincidence, I had a bunch of dairy. Mid-way through the night Kiernan suddenly got fussy and it didn't stop until about midnight last night.
The main "symptom" if you will is that he seems to be really gassy and need to poop but not be able to. He forces with all of his might - to no avail. I don't know if he gets too tense or fussy to relax and just do it... but it got progressively worse throughout the day and he didn't have a bowel movement from mid afternoon yesterday until this morning. He seems to have relaxed quite a bit now and is doing better.
So I don't know if the milk was to blame or not (the after effects lasted longer than I would have expected had it been that) or if it was merely a coincidence. If all goes well today, Kiernan and I are going to walk over to a well baby clinic at 1:30 this afternoon to have him weighed and to quiz the public health nurses on all the funny things about babies I don't understand and to make sure Kiernan is doing just fine.
The good news is... he seems to be doing pretty well this morning. It's 9am and he seems to be falling asleep again which means I can go back to bed to sleep - yay! The next challenge once we wake up will be finding and preparing something for myself to eat while he wants to eat and not be left alone ;) At least I got a shower in this morning before Eric left for work. hehe.
It's amazing how different your life and priorities and challenges change - no matter how much you know it's going to happen, until you're actually spending your days trying to figure out how to find the time to bathe and trying to decide what clothing would be most appropriate for your child given the weather, you don't really know ;)

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