Friday, October 20, 2006

Chirp chirp chirp

The last week and a half have been amazing - we've so many changes in Kiernan. He's suddenly talking all the time, or as Eric calls it, chirping, when he's in a good mood (which unfortunately isn't often enough ;), he's holding his head up quite a bit, he's figured out how to get his fist into his mouth when he's upset and he looks not only alert a lot of the time, but really aware. He looks at you and he will track you if you move. You're not just some random blur passing by anymore. My favourite is that he's figured out where the milk comes from and will position himself on anyone in the approximate correct position and open his mouth. He looks like a little bird waiting for the worm. OH! And he's smiling! I'm positive there are times it's not just gas now.
Imagine, I'm excited that he's looking at me and sucking on his fist - how out of this world thrilled am I going to be when he crawls, walks or talks?!?
Look how much bigger and older he looks:

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