Thursday, November 26, 2009

Hanging out with a three year old

I remember Sunday afternoons cozied up on the couch watching movies... although it has now become a fairly distant memory. With young kids, the chance to spend a lazy day in front of the tv just doesn't happen anymore. But, this past Sunday, I had a headache (because I indulged in ONE whole drink the night before) and so I came up with a bright idea.

"Hey Kiernan, want to go to the basement and cozy up on the couch and watch Wall-E with me?"
"Great, let's go"

So we headed down to the basement and I found a pillow and loaded up the movie and got Kiernan to lie down on the couch in front of me.

But that wasn't comfortable for him, so he tried lying on top of me. Which was comfortable, for 1 minute, then he thought he'd sit on my hip.

"What's Wall-E doing?"
"Collecting trash and making it into cubes"
"yes, cubes"
long explanation from mommy
break to go back to lying in front of me
and then on top of me, and then across me

"MOMMY! We're an X!"

"Kiernan, no jumping on the couch"
sitting on my head... sitting on my hip... lying on top of me...

"What's Wall-E doing now?"

Not quite what I was hoping for....


Anonymous said...

Totally hilarious, because it was not me.

Capital Mom said...

Kids do not know the meaning of flaking out on the couch. We will have to kick them off it once they are teens, but until then...