Friday, November 06, 2009


- The babies will be 6 months old next week - on Friday the 13th. How can 6 months already have passed? Yet, I can hardly remember life without them.
- We are looking for a house. There is nothing I love or even much like in our price range. This sucks.
- We left Quinn in his room last night instead of Juliette. He was up every 2 hours. Today sucks.
- This weekend we start getting our house ready to sell - throwing out old paint cans, reshaking paint from when we first moved in, painting the front hall and one wall in the kitchen, and starting to pack are on the agenda. I bet little of that will get done. We are doomed.
- Teething continues. Quinn's teeth are coming out all funny with back teeth poking out. I fear this means his front teeth are all askew and causing teeth to come out out of order.
- Kiernan is 3 now, I should be taking him to the dentist I think. Also, doesn't sound fun.
- Kiernan is 3 now. Apparently that equals being a huge pain in the ass.
- Wow - this is depressing.
On a bright note:
- Tonight I'm going to my first tweetup and will have a beer. I am really looking forward to this. :)


nonlineargirl said...

I also often find that my babies together are no harder than my 4 year old was as a baby. Part of it is her, part of it is that I have learned a lot.

Teeth? Goodness, mine are only a couple of weeks behind yours, but we have no teeth yet.

Capital Mom said...

Three really is a pain in the ass. But so is teething. :-)