Sunday, November 01, 2009

The kid loves Halloween!

For Halloween this year Kiernan wore a suit that was Eric's when *he* was 3. I saw it and KNEW that Kiernan needed to wear it.

A lot of people had a hard time with what we told Kiernan he was going to be for Halloween "Daddy when he was three", wanting something a little more concrete as a name for his costume.

So we went with Lion Tamer, ring master, vaudevillian, gameshow host or used car salesman - we leave it up to you :)

Surprisingly nobody asked when we were trick or treating - although I heard him called little tux man and handsome a lot. And our neighbour asked Kiernan to come back and marry her when he was older, but he had to explain that when he was older (4) he was going to go to school so unfortunately he wouldn't be available ;)

We had 3 skeletons for the day, but Kiernan refused to pose in this shot much to my dismay ;) These two were pretty cute though.

and stayed awake in the stroller far longer than I expected watching all the kids and lights and so on.

Kiernan and Eric finally came home about 45 minutes after I gave in and came home with the twins, and only because he had to pee and Eric told him they'd been to ALL the houses in the neighbourhood.

The loot - 20 bags of chips and lots of full of dairy chocolate ;) Imagine the loot we'll have next year with 3 kids!!


nonlineargirl said...

I laughed when I saw your two in skeleton outfits, since that is what mine wore too. (I found some at our local twin parent consignment sale!)

Lindsey said...

Amazing!! Kiernan looks even better then I pictured!! =D And the twins are too cute - great find on those t-shirts.