Thursday, November 05, 2009

I so sleepy

Good sleep for the twins is eluding us. And it is frustrating the hell out of me!

Overall, both of these guys are better sleepers than Kiernan was. Really they're much easier overall than Kiernan was, to the point that I still find they are less work together than Kiernan was alone. On most days anyways - the last little while has been more trying.

Our biggest issue is that despite all the "twins love to be together, they are so much calmer when they are together, they sleep better when they are near each other", we can't put them in the same room. If one cries, the other one wakes up. Every. time.

Some might think that's not so bad, then they're on the same schedule. Noooo... then the one who wakes more often wakes the one who is sleeping and we have two screaming babies to contend with at the same time.

So, we've split them up. But, to split them up, we have to have one in our room. Lately it's been Quinn since Juliette wakes up even more easily to our sounds. But now, on top of Quinn being in our room and me having to tip toe around in my own room to not wake him, he doesn't particularly like the playpen anymore so he's been sleeping in bed with us - something that isn't really comfortable for either Eric or I. Even if he is cute. :)

It frustrates me that both of the babies nap best in their own rooms in their cribs but that I can't put them down at the same time. It frustrates me that if I wanted to let the babies cry it back to sleep in the night I can't exactly do that with Quinn lying in bed with me! It frustrates me that I can't (won't) push them harder to fall asleep on their own right now because they are teething and as much as I believe in crying it out, I only feel it's ok if I firmly believe that the only reason they aren't sleeping is out of habit - not pain.

So most nights I am up 6-8 times with babies between 8pm and 7am. The Quinn times are less disruptive to my sleep since I just keep him with me and nurse him without fully waking up. We're house hunting now, for a 4 bedroom house in our price range (ha ha ha) which is a whole other story because I am unemployed so we're working with one income. Anyone have a nice 4 bedroom house in Orleans they'd like to sell me for cheap? zzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Lynn said...

Maybe you could put Kiernan in your room -- on the floor on a little fold-out bed or camp pad -- and let each of the babies have their own room? At least until Quinn and Kiernan are old enough to share?

Lara said...

I've thought of that but really don't like the idea of displacing Kiernan like that. He's the one piece that's currently working ;)

Capital Mom said...

My friend with twins had to do the same thing, move on of them in with her because they would just wake each other up. I am sure they will like sleping in the same room at some point but that sure is a hassle now. Bed in the bathtub maybe?

Some kind of Wondermom said...

Try moving the other crib into your room? At least you'll get your bed back.