Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Twins @ 18 months : divide and conquer

When the babies were new and I was out with them, I would get often stopped by mothers of twins (there are more than you realize) to be told "it gets easier, I promise!"

Sweet relief to be told it wouldn't be as hard as it was forever. By 2-3 months old, it would be easier - and it was. (I can't imagine it will ever be as hard as those first few months).

Later, twin moms would approach me and I would say to them "it gets easier right?" Except by then, at about six months, it wasn't THAT hard any more. I had things rolling, I had a system, we went out, we did things, we knew how to manage at home, and we were doing just fine. I even had my 3 year old home with me two days a week and for the most part, we were OK. So when I asked twin moms at that point if things got easier many didn't give me the response I expected. "Well... I guess... I mean, it gets different," they all seemed to hesitantly answer.

Now, at 18 months, I totally understand. It has been getting progressively more difficult since about 12 months. In exchange for the advantage of two kids of the same age who can play together, I also have two kids who can fight (Juliette bites, a lot. sigh) I also have two kids who can split up, making me decide if I need to stop the kid splashing in the toilet, or the one banging on my laptop. When we go out and they both want to walk instead of staying in the stroller, I can't just jog along behind them, because there are two of them, and they don't both want to go in the same direction.

(If anyone knows of any places to take young kids where you are in an enclosed space, please let me know! The more places I can go, the better (Cosmic and Kid Kaf are my two go to places for now)

Twins. They are amazing and wonderful. And SO exhausting.