Thursday, October 18, 2007

Brain dump Thursday

I have been horrible at blogging, and I feel really badly about it. There has been tons of stuff going on, and I just can't find the time between all the commitments I've made this year, and spending a little bit of time with my family. blah.

But here are a few tidbits:

- Kiernan is talking like crazy, with tons of new words all the time. They're all just the first syllable of the word though so it's hard to always distinguish. No and Nose sound the same. So do Ball, Book and Bottle. Suce( aka soother) and shoe are pretty close in sound, More and Moo also sometimes confusing. It's so much fun to see all the new words he's figuring out how to use on a daily basis. Ball is no longer the most exciting word and thing in the world, seemingly replaced by doors and birds :)

- We're all sick, so Kiernan is back to being up several times a night. But before getting sick, he was actually doing MUCH better. He's even slept through the entire night 3 times! Incredible!

- He still won't nap at daycare so we have a really tired baby on days he's there. I'm hoping eventually he'll just give in, and I wonder if it would be easier if he was there full time, but at least he gets decent naps when he's home with daddy twice a week.

- He is getting more and more of a temper and I'm trying to be somewhat strict/firm with him when he does things that are unacceptable (like hitting). I'm having a hard time being sure how much he understands at this stage - I think it's more than I realize.

- He chipped his front tooth at some point this summer, and it bothers me more than it should. I am constantly paranoid that the chip is getting bigger.

- He won't sleep in bed with us anymore, and I miss that.

- Being at work every day is starting to get a bit easier. Only took 1.5 months :P


Nuzzy said...

Wow! He is really growing into a little boy! :)
The speech thing is going to get very exciting to experience over the next while! Just wait until 2 yrs from now :) but then again, the same is true with the temper.. ohhhh ya.. have fun with that! ;-)

Roz said...

yay for all the wonderful changes!