Friday, October 26, 2007

Cuz you always wanted to know

I've written about Nutmeg before - her blog is one of my most favourites :) She recently got interviewed by Amanda of The Wink, in a meme that is fun and different. Since I haven't been finding the time to blog as I've wanted to recently, I decided this was a good way to give myself "homework" and hopefully something interesting for people to read. Nutmeg has sent me 5 interview questions. I'm going to break each question into a different post and hopefully I'll write interesting and compelling responses :) If anyone wants me to come up with interview questions for them, let me know in the comments of any of the interview posts :)

Question 1 : Why do you blog? What have you learned from the blogging experience?

I started blogging when I was pregnant and haven't stopped. I started blogging as a way to log what was going on with my pregnancy and also as a way to keep my friends and family in the loop as to what was going on. It was much more of a private blog, and only people I knew read it.

Once Kiernan was born I started this blog, but I continued to keep it fairly private. Comments were closed; I didn't tell many people it existed, and I was fine with that. Then I started discovering other mom blogs - and boy were there a lot of them, and they were fabulous! They really helped me through the first and harder months of being a mom, the months where I was home and stranded on the couch nursing or holding a baby who didn't want/couldn't be put down. I loved the sense of community that I felt in these blogs and wanted to be a part of it. So I started sharing the url a bit more, I opened up comments, and I tried to get more readers.

I still don't have a huge number of readers, and I'm sure I've been losing some as I haven't had time to blog as much since I came back to work, but I still crave being a part of that community - of finding more people who are interested in sharing my experience as I am in interested in sharing theirs.

Blogging, and the world of blogging, has changed me. Apart from the obsessive amount of time I spend trying to keep up with all the people's lives I follow through their blogs, I've found a place to express myself and to share all the things I wanted to say, but could never be bothered putting into a personal journal. If I'm frustrated, I have a place to get it out, if I'm elated, I can share my joy with the world - to people who care! And I think that's what I've learned - I've learned that this community that really suits me exists and that I'm going to find a way to stay a part of it, even if I don't really have time for it, because that's how much it means to me.

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nutmeg said...

I'm with you on struggling to find the time. SOmetimes I want to quit, but... here I am!