Sunday, October 28, 2007

Kiernan's first REAL haircut

First, mommy had to prove to grammy/gramma that Kiernan needed a hair cut.

Some cute hair accessories might have been in order if this had been a little Kiernana, but Kiernan was ready for a little boy cut :)

We headed out to first choice - did you know you get baby's first haircut free there? I didn't!

Kiernan was a super trooper - the other hairdressers couldn't get over how good he was. He didn't cry once and he barely squirmed at all sitting on my lap.

He did remain super serious throughout though.

So cute! Makes him look way older too in my opinion.

This is not the hairdresser who cut his hair. She just wanted her picture taken ;) K's hairdresser is in the background :)

They even gave us a baby's first haircut certificate with a lock of hair attached. I was super impressed and would recommend First Choice to anyone for a first hair cut!


crazy working mom said...

OMG he looks so grown up now. Congrats on a huge milestone, Mom! :)

Did you cry?

trish said...

Very cute!