Sunday, October 28, 2007

Home sweet home

Interview question #2:
You picked a card from the pile of life that says, “Do not pass go. Move directly to another country.” Where would you move?

This is a tough question. If someone asked me where I'd like to go and visit, I'd have no problems answering. I'd love to go to Thailand, Italy, Greece, India, Vietnam, Morocco, France... possibly in that order. But where would I move? I don't want to move. I feel really lucky to live in as fabulous a country as Canada. REALLY lucky. I don't even want to leave Ottawa - I love it here.

But if I HAD to move, to a different country, I think I would go to Ireland. Apart from not having to learn a new language to get along, the idea of going to a place my family originally came from really appeals. And why Ireland has always appealed more than England or France, I don't know. But it has. Second choice Italy, which I can now claim because of Eric's Italian family :) I like the idea of history and finding roots. And now I'm hungry for potatoes and pasta. Gotta go cook.


Some kind of Wondermom said...

Here's an interview question for you:

What would you do with another 4 hours of time every day?

Anonymous said...

If I had an extra 4 hours a day, I'd use it to catch up on all my lost sleep.