Thursday, October 18, 2007

Learning to accept it

I hate the bus, I always have, I always will.
I get motion sickness really easily and if the bus is overcrowded, or I have to sit sideways, I'm ready to hurl halfway home - so it's a crappy deal.
I used to get Eric to come and get me, but I can't do that anymore because Kiernan falls asleep in the car coming to get me and then won't go down at night - I'd rather take the bus than deal with sir screams a lot until all hours of the night.
So, I'm learning to deal. I found my i-shuffle and I have strategies. The bus ride in the morning is generally ok. Since I don't arrive at work until 9ish, I think I miss the big rush of people. I won't get on a bus that already has people standing on it. And, it's working ok for me.
But here's the other thing. I'm not really a music person. I wish I was. But I'm not. So I keep loading up my ishuffle with new music and spending the entire bus ride home hitting next trying to find a song I actually want to hear. Kind of annoying!
But I finally did what I've been meaning to do for a month and I'm really happy with it! I downloaded a bunch of podcasts to my ishuffle and I listen to those on the bus. I'm distracted the whole ride listening to it and it's interesting! So far, they're just mommy podcasts (motherhood uncensored and another random one I found on itunes). If anyone has any podcasts to suggest, let me know, because I have a lot more loading to do!!


Nuzzy said...

Awesome! So have you checked out the "Jumping Monkeys" podcast yet, which I told you about awhile ago? :)

Pinks & Blues said...

AWESOME!! YOu go girl!! I have the faintest idea how to do anything like that. But I know what you mean about the bus. I used to have to take it everyday in NYC. And I needed my walkman, Danielle Steel and a newspaper!
- Audrey

nutmeg said...

Brilliant plan. Can you load books on those things?

Lara said...

Hmmm I have only just started figuring all this stuff out. Books might be a good idea too. I must explore the world of itunes further! :)

Nuzzy said...

You can purchase audio books at

Jumping Monkeys is a sponsor and their listeners get a 'free' book I think :)

AmyE said...

Podcasts are the only way Carl can survive the traffic every day. In fact, they are the only things on his ipod. I would ask him about sources- he's REALLY into them.
I've tried a few PR ones, but I found there's a lot of crap out there and you have to wade through the weeds to find anything good. The good news is there's podcasts on just about anything. Health and Fitness, Business, News, Nature, Motherhood. Why not try to get one about small businesses, managing a business, and best practices around that? I'll bet tehre's tons of those.

Some kind of Wondermom said...

I was just going to say.. books would be awesome! You could listen to Outlander? Get someone to read it outloud and you can record it! haha

Maybe one day we'll get light rail, and then taking the bus to work will be a thing of the past.

andrea from the fishbowl said...

CBC radio has a whole slew of great radio programs that get filed away in podcast format.
Check it out: