Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter at the cottage

Kiernan had his first ice cream cone

It was a resounding success

Kiernan's first chocolate was also well liked :)

Roanen is fun to play with!!

Making puzzles with Gloria and Josey

"All those older boys are weeeird"

The boys sitting nicely for a group shot of the grandsons. hehe


Shona said...

Sooooo cute! Any tummy trouble from the ice cream?

Lara said...

OOps. I lied. It's sorbet. All snacks shown in photos was dairy free ;)

Lida said...

Great pictures. The last one very appropriate. Who wants to sit still for pictures when there's toys to play with?

Anonymous said...

How come you called those pretty little blonde girls "grandsons"?

Lindsay said...

That was me by the way. Just in case you think I'm reading this and having a coronary.
We have hair appointments this weekend...