Sunday, March 09, 2008

Pretty close to breaking that record!!

This year has been insanely snowy. And not in that "I hate winter so it always seems like too much snow" way. No in a "Ottawa now has had 410.7 centimetres of snow this winter, the second highest total on record. In 1970-1971, Ottawa had 444 centimetres." Kind of way. 410.7 centimetres, for those interested, converts to 161.7 inches. 13.5 feet people. 13.5 feet! Imagine if none of that had melted? We wouldn't have been able to see out of our windows at all.

Here are a few photos from today following the arrival of over 50 cms of snow since Friday.

This view out our kitchen window makes it seem like we live in a basement apartment! There's almost nothing of the play structure left.

You know it snowed a lot when you open the door to find this!

Baby in the snowbank!

Sliding. Weeee!

Helping daddy shovel.


Anonymous said...
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Some kind of Wondermom said...

Gah! Old man winter go away! Looks like K-man had a blast!

Catherine said...

WOW! makes you wonder if you should store the shovels inside.

Cherrye said...

You might not believe this, but I got chills just looking at those pics...I HATE the cold! But, I love scarves and hats!

andrea from the fishbowl said...

lol - I love the one of him looking down at the snow in the doorway. ;)

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

WOW! I thought we had a lot of snow, but I don't think ours got that high at all this winter. Looks like Kiernan had a blast playing in it though! :)

nottryingforaboy said...

I thought Chicago had a lot of snow this year. I'm SO sick of it. Cute pictures though.