Thursday, March 13, 2008

My husband the secret blogger

A month or two ago I discovered a whole bunch of new blogs, and some of those blogs weren't mommy blogs. They were daddy blogs!! Rude Cactus is one that posts a lot, and I particularly enjoy that his wife also blogs.

My enjoyment of these new daddy blogs made me decide to start harassing Eric to start a blog. He cracks me up, and the daddy point of view can be lots of fun. Daily I would mention the fact that he still didn't have a blog and how annoying that was to me... only to find out today that he was secretly blogging after all! eesh.

So, go read his blog, and find out about Kiernan and our life from his side ;)

1 comment:

Jan said...

OK, I found you thru Lisa. She tagged you. I'll check out your hubs blog. I like reading the Daddy blogs, but some of them are really boring (full of themselves), but I'll give him a chance.