Monday, November 27, 2006

bigger and bigger steps

Yesterday, while Kiernan and I were out for the afternoon, Eric took the bassinette off the side of our bed and put my bedside table back into place. Kiernan definitely won't be sleeping there any more :) Not that he was anymore because the last time I put him in there he was moving around so much his feet were coming through the opening at the side and were practically in bed with me - squirmy Kiernan! So I wasn't putting him in it anyways, but it seems significant that its now gone :)

This morning Kiernan wouldn't sleep in the swing as he usually does, so actually went and tried to re-create bedtime and got him down in the crib. He went down! I asked Eric how long he would stay down (previous record of going down during the day, in the last month anyways, was 4 minutes) and he said 9 minutes. At exactly 9 minutes Kiernan woke up and I couldn't get him back down again . He's now back in the swing, happy as a clam. Maybe he just doesn't need to sleep - although I sincerely doubt that, since he's always a way bigger handful the evenings he doesn't nap a lot.

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