Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The horror!

Today Kiernan has his first immunizations. It was awful.
I cannot describe how horrible it is to hold your child while something painful it being done to them and they scream in agony and not only try to comfort them, but not do a damn thing to try to stop it from happening. It's horrible. He had three shots and by the third I was crying too. Since then I'm at his beck and call... whatever he wants I'm trying to accomodate him the best I can because I feel so bad.
He's been different since the appointment (as to be expected). He is whimpering a lot, calm and glazed over a bunch (I'm imagining from the tylenol and advil we keep pumping into him :) and sometimes he is hysterical. We were going to give him a bath tonight because he usually really enjoys that (and its due) but he screamed like we'd laid a hot poker to him when his toes hit the water... and the water was cooler than usual. He just lost his mind for no apparent reason. So we aborted!! No bath tonight.
He's asleep now but I expect to be up a lot tonight. I told Eric he was going to have to bring Kiernan for his next round of shots in two months but I don't think I could stand not being there, as horrible as it was, to give him what comfort I can.
There sure are some tough parts to this mommy stuff.

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