Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A movie buff in the making

Kiernan and I went to the movies today which was super fun. We went to the mommy and me movies at Silver City and it was really neat. There were SO many mothers and babies there - I would bet at least a hundred. And they had a change table set up outside with all the necessary stuff (free diapers, wipes, bum cream, etc) and they even had a microwave and bottle warmers for those who needed it.
Lots of babies made lots of noise, but at least then you don't feel bad when your baby makes noise - and Kiernan was far from the noisiest baby in the bunch. In fact - he was an angel - I was so impressed and pleased and hope that means we can do this regularly. I think the darkness and the sound (and probably the fact that I sat still in one place for 2 hours) helped create a great nap on mommy feeling :)
Spoiler warning:
Now to the thumbs down part - we saw Marie Antoinette. (insert sound you make when you stick your tongue out and sputter because something sucks) It was very.... bubblegum. It was just whatshername, who I don't even really like, prancing around Versaille in a million different outfits. There is barely any dialogue and there is barely any story. Woe is you - oh spoiled queen of France with all your parties and extravagances. It doesn't even end the story - if you know what I mean. Plus, they used that shaky camera cinamatography thing that seems to be so popular lately but just makes me feel like throwing up. So ya - blech. Oh, and not remotely scary. But I'm definitely going to be going to more mommy and me movies :)

Kiernan's first time at the movies was of course documented with some of our fellow mommy and me movie attendees :)

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