Sunday, November 19, 2006

What a rollercoaster

I know a baby is unpredictable... I know this. I know that you have to expect constant change and that things won't always stay the same. That being said it is really frustrating sometimes.

You think you're getting the knack of something... you think "I've got it! I figured out how to make this part work" and then it all falls apart. Bedtime was really working for awhile - and it's not that it isn't working now, it's just not working the same way. He isn't nursing to sleep as often, and we're having to use the hairdryer more and more. I worry I'm setting that up as part of the routine and he'll always want it and that'll get annoying for sure! I wonder if it's partially my fault because I'm not being strict with the routine - I change it if it suits my needs (ie going out on a saturday night to visit with friends). Not that I want him to have to nurse to sleep forever either, it was just nice and predictable. Sometimes it took longer than others, sometimes he freaked out first and we had to take him for a car ride, but in the end I nursed, he fell asleep, we're done. Tonight he just wouldn't calm down while eating (which hurts by the way) and then we eventually got him to keep a seuss in his mouth and he fell asleep being rocked.

That being said, in other ways the changes can be good. Tonight Eric and I went out for dinner with Kiernan. We made it through dinner with Kiernan being pretty calm... we just needed to rattle some toys at him and he was good. That's a huge change - I never could have imagined that before.

So ya, nothing unusual here - but it still gets frustrating and I need to vent. Make it easier!! :)

Oh, and I forgot to mention last week with the immunization drama that Sir Kiernan weighed in at 11lbs 6 oz at his appointment (50th percentile), is now 24.25 inches long - almost 4 inches longer than at birth (95th percentile) and has a 90th percentile sized head (to fit his massive amount of genius).

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