Saturday, November 18, 2006

Oprah talk and other stuff

I'm getting way behind with all my blog topics so this is a big catch all post :)

Hairdryer: So I'd heard the hairdryer could be magic - and it is. When Kiernan is wailing we can turn on the hairdryer and he immediately quiets down. So now I'm getting used to sitting in the nursery with the lights out, nursing Kiernan with the
hair dryer going full blast on the change table. Who'd have thought that would be less annoying sound. haha. Only trouble is, if I want Eric's help he can't hear me so I need to pitch things into the hallways so he can come and help me move Kiernan without waking him up :)

Oprah talk: Oprah had this show on this week with this woman who has "unlocked the secret baby language". She has a photographic memory for sound and when she had a baby she quickly figured out what his sounds meant but figured she'd just figured out HER baby. THen she realized it worked for AL
L babies - of every nationality. Essentially, she says, there are 5 basic sounds that are reflexes for babies. They make them until they are about 3 months old (it'll stop after that if it hasn't been responded to, but can continue if you do respond). The five sounds are "neh" (I'm hungry) "eh" (I need to burp) "heh" (I'm uncomfortable) "ouahhh" (I'm tired) and some kind of grunting noise (I have gas). I've been trying to follow it and they all seem to be working. It's very cool. My only concern is that he's been "nehing" an awful lot and I think it's not just I'm hungry but I need comfort (which he's needed more of since the shots). Anyhow, I recommend it to new moms - it really seems to be working.

Crib: we're getting better! Kiernan slept in the crib until 4 am this morning. I would have put him back in instead of bringing him back into our room this morning (that had been my plan) but he ate too much (my breasts were engorged to hurting which is rare for me) an
d then threw up when he burped (more than just a big spit up) so I felt bad and didn't want to leave him. I hope I make my deadline of having him in the crib full time by the end of November. hehe

Soother: he's started taking it more often. Still not all the time, but he took it from us twice this week, once when he wasn't even upset!

Sleep: ever since his shots Kiernan has been sleeping an enormous amount. I don't know what to do with myself half the time. He is currently asleep (and has been for almost 2.5 hours) and he slept 2.5 hours yesterday morning and 3.5 hours yesterday afternoon (and 3.5 hours the afternoon before that too). I wonder how long it'll last. I'm sure it'll do him good to get some sleep... my poor tired boy.

Smiles : Kiernan is getting SO interactive. It's so fabulous. We have all these really lovely moments with him where he smiles when he sees you and you can play with him and he really seems to be talking back. It's so nice!! He also loves to smile at the tom thompson photo and smiles when he sees it more than when he first sees us, but I'm not going to take it personally I don't think :) Here are some photos: Kiernan smiling at daddy and happy Kiernan.

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