Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Rough couple of days

In the last couple of weeks I thought Kiernan was getting a bit better - not crying quite as much during the day, and just seeming to be a much happier baby. I was thrilled - he was coming into himself and not feeling quite so distressed all the time. The last couple of days make me realize that's not the case quite yet. He's been inconsolable at times the last couple of days... none of the usual suspects are working. I bounce on the ball and he keeps crying, I try to nurse him which he wants, but he keeps crying while he does that. It starts to push me to my limits and I think "wow, how do people do this?"
How do people who don't have partners deal? What about teenage mothers? How can they possibly deal with this. I thought I was strong and some days I end up in tears right along with him. Is my baby that much fussier than most babies?
I'm just feeling a bit woe is me, and I know it will pass and get easier, and I certainly know its all worthwhile. I know having a baby can be really hard in the beginning... I have a husband who supports me and Kiernan's grandparents are also a godsend. I get out a lot with him when I can, and thankfully getting out and movement seem to calm him so that helps. The other thing that helps is for me to take naps with him, but honestly, I don't need to sleep quite as much as a baby and would kind of like a bit of time to do the things you can't do while sleeping or holding a crying baby.
I just keep reminding myself they say the colic-like behaviours tend to peak around 2 months, which is where we're at, and surely it will ease up soon. right? :) Thank god we have good nights with him for now *knock on wood*

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