Sunday, November 12, 2006

Date night!

Eric and I went on a date tonight!!! :)

We went to little Italy and had dinner at Il Primo while my parents watched Kiernan. I was nervous throughout the meal because Kiernan has been particularly horrible the past few evenings and I felt guilty leaving this screaming child with my parents who don't even have a milk filled boob to shove at him if it got that bad ;) But I lasted the hour and a half we had agreed to and as we're almost about to turn onto my parent's street Eric's cellphone rings and guess what - Kiernan had just woken up (from having fallen asleep when we drove him over!) and so if we wanted to stay out another half hour and give my parents some time to spend with him awake and try to give him a bottle (which I was really wanting) then we could go ahead. Wow - what do you mean he slept for 1.5 hours?? Just sitting in his car seat?? There was a small feeling of "no fair" but mostly that's great because it means Kiernan's wailing fits did not scare my parents from ever babysitting again :) So Eric and I can go on more date nights! And, he took the bottle from them and Eric seems to be giving Kiernan another bottle right now. I'm really really hoping Kiernan will start accepting a bottle so I don't have to feel guilt ridden if I want to go out and do something for more than an hour. He's still not loving it or anything, but it seems a bit better.
So yay!

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