Thursday, July 26, 2007

18 lbs 4 oz

He's growing! He's getting bigger! Yay to olive oil in his food! ;)
AND he's nursing more, which makes me happy.
And he's accepting formula sometimes, if we put sugar in it. (it's not like he can't stand the extra calories)
So, I'm a happy mama.

For all of you who asked me what I was going to eat first, I never replied because I've been kind of sad this week that he was stopping, not so much for an emotional reason, but because I worry so much about him not getting what he needs to grow. So for now I'll keep nursing when he will, we'll keep trying the formula, and maybe we'll be done with the nursing around his first birthday. We'll see. Not to mention, it's almost like I'm afraid of dairy and soy now. And I have NO idea where I'd start!!! ;)


Vicky said...

That's fabulous news! Isn't he a bit of a King- being spoon fed food laced with oils and rich goodness. :) He's going to have a distinguished pallet!

nutmeg said...

He weighs one ounce less than Finn! I had to give up dairy for my first two kids. I felt so good without it in my system - but who can resist icecream forever?

Jenn said...

Way to go Keirnan!