Friday, July 06, 2007

Friday brain dump

- Kiernan loves the park. He eats sand, he loves the swing (as opposed to the first times he was scared of them) so that's a lot of fun. I also enjoy seeing other kids at the park. I don't make it out there as often as I thought I would, but we're going more. Last night Eric took K while I made dinner and I think they both really enjoyed that. It was a good way to keep K entertained in the evening when he's at his crusty-est :)
- Kiernan is really getting close to walking I think, but he likes to stay safe. He has taken a few unassisted steps, but generally will STREEETCHHH as far as possible to grab on to the next surface to walk with. And he really prefers people to help him to inanimate objects, which is unfortunate. Either way, I would guess he'll be walking in the next month or so.
- Daycare is set up for K starting after labour day. I still can't believe I only have 7 weeks left. Although negotiations may be in the works for me to go back a bit earlier but part time, and have the part time continue into Sept. I would really prefer that so we'll see what happens.
- I took K to get portraits done at the Superstore this week. I enjoy going there, we always get great photos in a 10 minute shoot, and I get my pictures the next day. They're having a promotion this month where you get $10/off your package so if you're in Ottawa (or maybe all of Ontario) you might want to check it out.
Aren't the photos cute?

- I'm starting to diet again. I've gained back about 5 of the 20lbs I lost after Xmas and I'm not happy about it. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to go back to weight watchers, again, or what I'm going to do. But to start, I'm proud of myself for skipping Wendy's yesterday, for having a healthy dinner of ham and pineapple kebabs and salad last night, and for having a salad for lunch today. One step at a time :)
- I've decided to get back on the RSS bandwagon and sign up for bloglines.
Check out who I read in my sidebar (if I've figured out how to do it right)
- Kiernan and I are going to see a dietitian at CHEO this afternoon to make sure I'm feeding him right, given his dietary restrictions and the fact that he will be getting less breastmilk on a regular basis soon. Hopefully she'll have some good tips and I wont get the "umm, why are you here?" look again.

- I'm addicted to getting stuff in the mail and have been sad because lately I haven't received anything. Therefore, here is my list of contests I'm entering and will hopefully win. Unless you want to send me free stuff.
- Adventures in babywearing is giving away a Podonbutai(very cool sounding carrier) from All Natural Mommies.
Sign up for Ideal Bite's daily tips by July 31st and you'll be entered to win an organic cotton Lily purse by HER design.
Mama Speaks is a great new review site, and similarly to the Opinionated Parent and Cool Mom Picks has a lot of contests to win stuff. Check it out.
The Pinks And Blues have a great contest to win a Vera Bradley bag and a prize from
Sheena's The Body Shop site .
Mums The Word has got a rockin prize to win from XY Factory
*end dump*


Vicky said...

Kiernan looks so big in the picture with the blue chair! Let me know how the apt with the dietitian went.

Jennifer Sprague, All Natural Mommies said...

So many contests - I hope you win - good luck!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Thanks for entering!!