Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A whole lotta nuthin'

This weekend was so relaxing at the cottage that the only photo I got of Kiernan all weekend was him playing in his new car

Instead, I lay on the couch and read my trashy Nora Roberts books (the Stanislaski family has been good entertainment for me lately :), made bibs, and took naps. It was cold so we didn't go outside much, which was ok. Drannie and Grampa took Kiernan on a long walk to see horses so Eric and I could nap some more. Kiernan also took big long naps at the cottage which was sweet!

Kiernan did work on a lot of skillz while we were at the cottage though and this morning we caught some on video for your viewing enjoyment.

He's walking/running like crazy!

He stands for up to 20 seconds on his own quite easily and even took a couple of steps on his own! Won't be long now, I think he's definitely going to skip crawling.

Other new skills include clapping and sneezing. teehee

Kids are fun :)

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Crazy Working Mom said...

So so sweet! Enjoy those moments 'cause they don't last nearly long enough. One day you'll be looking at him laying there and wonder where the time went!