Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I signed up for Pay Per Post

I was really skeptical about Pay per post - I didn't want to be writing ads and reviews on my blog all the time - seems quite fake. But then I got curious, so I signed up, because, well, I do that kind of thing :)
So I signed up and then I see that really you get to write about things you like and things you want to post about - not specific products, but topics. Like mortgages (not going to do that) and bank accounts (has anyone ever heard me go on about PC banking?) and strollers (I love my peg!)
So, I'm signing up, and maybe I'll do a post now and then, and I'll get paid for it apparently. And that's not a bad thing. I was going to talk to you guys about stuff anyways, why not let them help me come up with topics from time to time? :)
What do you think? Have any of you ever signed up for PayPerPost? What was your experience? Why haven't you if you haven't? Would you sign up?
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Haley said...

I'm with PPP and they have been extremely good to me, I even did a post about a website that sells things for babies and children, and got a free $179.00 layette set out the deal! What could be better?

Check out the pictures of it in one of my latest posts!