Monday, July 09, 2007

Can formula make you high?

So after our visit with the dietitian we decided to try giving K alimentum again.

I'm going to preface this with a little explanation though. A few weeks ago I decided to try to mix alimentum with rice milk and give it to Kiernan to see if he would take it. He took about 3 oz. That day I also decided to try him on Cheerios. I'm not entirely sure if I'd banged my head that morning, but for some reason I started him on 3 things he'd never had in one day. Any new parent knows that's not how it's done, but whatever. I think I thought "he's had rice and that's fine, this is just rice milk. How can he react to this special formula? And cheerios is pretty much all stuff he's had also, so no problem"
That night we had a baby who was gassy and who was also acting very bizarre. At the time we called it hyper, but I don't really think that's the right term. We thought maybe the rice milk was sugary so that had done it, but really weren't sure because lameass mom started three new things in one day.

Ok, so back to this weekend. My parents babysat while Eric and I went to dinner and a movie (post to come soon about kids at movies!) and he was lovely for them (yay!) but would only take about an oz of formula/rice milk mix (ie .5 oz of formula) We moved him into the carseat and as we got him all settled he woke up. And he was AWAKE! He stayed awake the entire drive home (very unusual for him when he's already been asleep) and then proceed to NOT go to sleep nursing (and it was a big feed since he hadn't eaten at bed time). We put him in the mei tai and went for a walk around the neighbourhood - nothing. He was calm, happy, chatty, and not sleepy. He was giggling a lot. He let us restrain him without crying. He was giggling randomly. It was bizarre. We did not get him down again for over 3 hours. I think he was high!

Is that possible? Could a tiny bit of formula have made him high? Is it too weird a coincidence that something similar happened last time (I think he was gassy from the cheerios last time and weird from the formula). We can't find anything online about babies having hyper or high reactions to formula. SOO bizarre.

Anyways, we're not giving him that formula again. We'll try nutrimagen once and if he has the same reaction again, well, we're just going to be feeding him more. AIE!


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